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Inomedis prepares with Varitron a medical device for the detection of COVID-19


MyAngel VitalSigns® is the solution for remote monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms.
An intelligent connected patch for monitoring your vital signs at home.


For more details see this presentation:MyAngel


A human adventure

Inomedis is driven by the desire to promote quality medicine for all. Indeed, too many disparities remain between urban and rural areas, but also with regard to the age of patients, their mobility and other factors.

One of the key elements that led Fabrice Vaussenat to create myAngel VitalSigns® is a painful personal event, his brother’s stroke in the great outdoors of Canada. The emergency services, notified too late, could not prevent his brother from becoming a paraplegic.

With a solid knowledge of the medical field related to technologies, Dr. Vaussenat has created his own microcosm for the design and implementation of a simple and practical way to prevent at-risk populations. MyAngel VitalSigns® was designed in close collaboration with a team of scientists and doctors to ensure a product that meets the needs of all.


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Dr. Fabrice Vaussenat – Founder & CEO 


The founder’s brother’s cardiovascular accident causing severe disability.


Reflection on the possibilities of empowering the patient to monitor his or her health wherever he or she may be.


Creation of the company with his wife. Beginning of the research program.

2017 - 2018

Structuring of the “Research and Development” team. Design of the first prototype of myAngel VitalSigns®.


Clinical studies and first tests on patients in collaboration with Pr. Pasquié Cardiologist and Pr. Nephrologist Canaud.


Proposal for use and adaptation to the French and Quebec market.

Discreet   –  Comfortable  –   Lightweight

When innovation reveals the simplest of creations

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Records the electrical activity of your heart and can detect heart abnormalities. Ensuring optimal measurement quality similar to conventional holters used in hospitals.
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It represents the number of times your heart beats per minute and is calculated from the ECG. A heart rate that is too low or too high can be a warning signal.
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Skin temperature provides us with information about the evolution of body temperature, which is useful during pathologies that raise or lower the core body temperature.

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It is the measurement of your physical activity during your days such as the number of steps, walking, running as well as the quality of sleep. It also allows the detection of falls in order to prevent rescues as quickly as possible.
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This gives you an indication of the position you are in, standing, sitting or lying down.
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Allows you to know the percentage of oxygen present in your blood. It is a physiological indicator that can be used to diagnose several cardiovascular and respiratory diseases such as sleep apnea.
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It represents the number of breathing cycles per minute, a breathing cycle includes inhalation and exhalation. It can be used to monitor or diagnose respiratory pathologies such as respiratory failure.

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This measurement is used to determine blood pressure as the heart contracts and relaxes. A too large variation of this may be a sign of cardiovascular or respiratory pathologies such as high blood pressure.

* Coming soon

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24g only

MyAngel VitalSigns® is 6 times lighter than an ECG hotter.

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Zinc/Air battery

MyAngel VitalSigns® must be changed every 5 days.

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MyAngel VitalSigns® is splash-proof / IP 22.
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2 year warranty

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Secure data exchange

Encrypted data and secure exchanges on the Application, the Cloud and Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing a consumption 10 times lower than that of conventional Bluetooth.

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Disease prevention with our AI

Allows a more accurate medical diagnosis 24h/24 .

Live without stress

The myAngel VitalSigns® patch allows you to monitor your vital signs in real time. Unlike conventional holter in hospitals, our patch with its multiple sensors collects more vital signs. It therefore makes it possible to deliver much more accurate and reliable results. It is an undeniable investment!

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Tracking your vital signs with a patch

The myAngel VitalSigns® patch works in Bluetooth with your smartphone and tablet on an application to easily view your vital signs and create a summary report. Preventing and diagnosing cardiovascular and respiratory risks has never been so practical and easy.

Priority to comfort !

MyAngel VitalSigns® is discreet, its light and compact design allows it to be easily transported.

It contains technology to track your vital signs, the patch is applied and then forgotten. Its action, however, is not forgotten, the prevention of cardiovascular and respiratory risks.

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Maintain your daily activities


Preserve your autonomy, stay calm by monitoring your vital signs with our myAngel VitalSigns® health solution.

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Stay with your family


Simple, connected and smart myAngel VitalSigns® keeps you in a safe social and family environment, away from the stress of hospital.

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Reduce your medical costs


Using its integrated disease prevention AI, myAngel VitalSigns® anticipates additional care costs.


For whom is myAngel VitalSigns® intended ?

MyAngel VitalSigns® is intended for patients who have already been affected by cardiovascular and/or respiratory diseases, patients at risk, but also for people who simply want to monitor their health.

For what size is the myAngel VitalSigns® patch suitable ?

MyAngel Vitalsigns® adapts to all male or female morphologies from childhood to adulthood.

How long does the patch last ?

The single-use patch lasts 5 days.

What is the guarantee of the patch ?

The patch being for single use, it is the electronic module that has a 2-years warranty.

What do I need to use the patch ?
To use myAngel VitalSigns®, a phone with the application is sufficient. The application is compatible with Android, IOS and tablet smartphones.
Can my doctor view a previously registered ECG ?
Yes. All ECG data is stored on a secure and encrypted server. The doctor can access it at any time.
What is the role of the server ?
The server organizes the communication between the functional part of the support and the control group.

It contains the most complete database of diagnoses, allowing it to perform a complete analysis of the captured ECG and other vital signs, and it also maintains an archived register of indicators for all registered users.

How the data is secured ?
All real-time information is stored in the module’s memory before being sent in encrypted form to a secure health server. The protection of your personal data is a central point of our privacy policy.
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